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Spin off companies
Spin off companies are stock corporations or limited liability companies to which the university has granted the status of spin off and which commercialise results obtained at the University. The professors and members of the scientific staff that own potentially profitable intellectual property rights can establish a spin off company with the aim of bringing technologies that have been developed in academic research to the market. Candidate applications must be submitted to a technical committee, the Spin off Committee of the University of Turin, which evaluates business plans and commercial potential before granting spin off status.

For further information on spin-off companies at the University of Turin, please visit http://en.unito.it/research/knowledge-transfer/spin-companies

DSTF Spin-off:

The Department of Drug Science and Technology (DSTF) has, in fact, been involved in the development of a spin off company: Beenext.

Beenext was founded by three members of the DSTF and incubated at 2i3T, the Business Incubator and Technology Transfer Process at the University of Turin. It is involved in fine active molecule design (oncology, immunosuppression, inflammation), and has developed the innovative glassware system Arachno

Please click on the Beenext banner below for a presentation of the company and on the link to its right for more information on the Arachno system.


For further information visit www.arachnoscience.com


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