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Post-graduate Course

The University organises Master courses in cooperation with public and private agencies and bodies and with Italian and Foreign Universities to address the cultural needs, to develop knowledge in are organised with public and private bodies, National and International universities to answer cultural needs, development of specific scientific areas, refresher course and adult education. By clicking on the logo you can access all information on the upcoming edition of the Chiara Colombo post-graduate  course in Community Pharmacy offered by the department in 2015-16.


Second Tier Master Degree Course in COMMUNITY PHARMACY “CHIARA COLOMBO” . 2015/2016






Second Tier Master Degree Course in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. 


click the banner to have further information. (link to italian website)


Second Tier Master Degree Course in Strategic Direction of Health Care Companies. 


click the banner for further information (italian website).


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