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Job Placement

For more detailed information on the Job Placement  Office, please click the following link (italian version) or go to:

General Information:

The DSTF Job Placement Office was established as Tutoring or Mentoring for graduate students to favour the matching of demand and supply, encouraging contacts with companies interested in the type of qualifications offered by the degree course.


In charge of the Job Placement Service:

Prof. Marina Gallarate

Phone 011.6707081 - Fax 011.6707687 - e-mail:


Letizia Cavallaro (for students and non academic internships and traineeships, Companies and businesses Contacts and Agreements

Phone 011.6707974 - Fax 011.6707972 - e-mail: - e-mail:

Michela Palladino (Students/University internships- Companies and agreements)

Phone 011.6707974/73 - Fax 011.6707972 - e-mail:

The Job Placement Office is open Mondays from 11 to 1 pm at the Teaching Secretary of Drug Science and Technology Department, Via Pietro Giuria, 15 - Turin.

Further information by appointment, also outside opening hours. Please contact or call 011.6707974.


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