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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is an official body which can propose and implement policy, thus assisting the Director in promoting the Department's activities.

Members: the Director, the Deputy Director and Vice-Director for Teaching, the Vice-Director for Research, three representatives for Full Professors, three representatives for Associate Professors, three representatives for Researchers, three representatives for the Technical and Administrative Staff  and the Department's Finance Officer.

The current Executive Committee Members are:

Director, Deputy Director and Vice-Directors

Prof. Giancarlo Cravotto (Director)

Prof.ssa Clara Cena (Deputy Director and Vice-Director for Teaching)

Prof. Emilio Carbone (Vice-Director for Research)


Prof.ssa Roberta Cavalli 

Representatives for Full Professors

Prof.ssa Roberta Cavalli

Representatives for Associate Professors

Prof. Massimo Bertinaria
Prof.ssa Donatella Boschi
Prof.ssa Barbara Sgorbini

Representatives for Researchers

Dott. Roberto Canaparo
Dott.ssa Elena Ugazio
Dott.ssa Chiara Dianzani

Representatives for the Technical and Admin Staff

Dott.ssa Annalisa Costale
Sig.ra Rita Spagnolo
Dott.ssa Elisabetta Muntoni

Further details on the regulations that govern the members, responsibilities and decisions of the Executive Committee are only available in Italian. If interested please see "Regolamenti" in the documents section of the Italian site.



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