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Teaching services

Teaching and Services for Students

The Teaching and Services for Students Service area provides the following services:

  • Enrolment at the University, registration for courses, Batchelor's degrees, Master's Degrees both with and without admission tests
  • Management of students' time at university, information services, issuing of certificates and confirmation of all qualifications issued by the University.
  • Management of admission tests and TARM (minimum requirements test)
  • Design and implementation of student orientation services
  • Information points for orientation at enrolment
  • Information and assistance for students
  • Information about the job placement service
  • Management of curricular and extracurricular apprenticeships as well as job offer services
  • Management of relations with companies and other institutions
  • Design and implementation of the job placement service
  • Support for the management of the academic program
  • Support for courses, exams and degree ceremonies
  • Support for all teaching staff
  • Support for the design and implementation of on-line teaching material
  • Course design, establishment and activation
  • Management of the academic program within University procedures
  • Management of and support for the academic course council
  • Providing teaching and student support to departments
  • Providing support to schools and special teaching facilities
  • Management of teaching appointments
Teaching and Services for Students Office

Via Pietro Giuria, 15 - 10126 Torino

Overall Manager: Laura Pecchio 
Email: didattica.scienzenatura@unito.it

Teaching services manager: Stefano Canavotto

Email: didattica.scienzenatura@unito.it

Interim Services for Students manager: Laura Pecchio 

Further information about this service can be found on the University's Teaching and Services for Students page (in Italian). 

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