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International Relations

The Erasmus Focal Point informs DSTF students interested in spending a period abroad about the LLP Erasmus and  Erasmus Student Placement Projects.
Students can contact the office for information, suggestions, help in filling the forms and planning periods abroad.
For appointments and information please write to:
The Erasmus Office (Sportello Erasmus) can also be accessed through the University’s e-learning section. Further information is available at:

The University of Turin is a member of the International HousingAnywhere Network 
The University of Turin has joined the international HousingAnywhere with the first student-to-student platform where supply and demand meet without any intermediaries, through which you can either make your room available or look for one, increasing accommodation exchanges for students on the move. The idea is to favour exchanges between incoming and outgoing students. Thanks to HousingAnywhere, Unito students leaving for a period (study or internships) abroad can exchange their accommodation to foreign students for the period. The use of the platform is free for students and a university email has to be used to advertise rooms.
For information and help: 



DSTF Committee for International Mobility

Chair: Donatella Boschi

Member: Gianni Balliano

Member: Valentina Boscaro

Member: Clara Cena

Member: Cristina Villa

Further information is available in the E-learning section.


For further information, please see:

Progetti Mobilità Europea - WHRI-ACADEMY



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